Lean Software Development

Organization: Lean Training Online

Created by: Darren Dolcemascolo


Our self-paced online lean software development certificate program covers all of the topics our classroom version covers and results a certificate of completion. The format includes audio-visual presentation, case studies / readings, and test completion. And, like our classroom version, students will have the ability to contact the instructor with questions, requests for feedback on ideas and case exercises, and advice on projects. The program also provides students with multiple templates that they can modify to suit their own needs.


Topics include 


Below is a list of each major course chapter and the number of audio-visual presentation in each.


1)   Introduction to Lean and the 7 Wastes (2)


2)   Value Stream Mapping (4)


3)   Team Facilitation / A-3 Problem Solving / Mistake Proofing (7)


4)   Lean Development (3)


5)   Kaizen and Kaizen Events (3)


6)   Strategy Deployment / Daily Management (2)


Download Sample LeanSoftwareDevCertificateProgram-CourseDescription.pdf ~ (1.48 MB)

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